Emotions Experienced by Foreign Language Learners Regarding Instructional Languages: A Comparison Between the Target and the First Language (69239)

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Friday, 31 March 2023 15:45
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In foreign language learning classes, language teachers instruct in the target or learners’ first language. These instructional languages might arouse different emotions in foreign language learners. This study thus investigated the emotions Japanese language learners experience regarding their classes instructed in the target language or in their first language. A total of 497 Thai university students participated in a questionnaire survey regarding their feelings about their Japanese language classes. The questionnaires adopted Russell's circumplex model of affect, which grasps emotions comprehensively with the following four types: positive activated, positive deactivated, negative activated, and negative deactivated emotion. Result of the analysis showed that Thai students had more positive and negative activated emotions regarding the classes instructed in Japanese, while they had more positive and negative deactivated emotions regarding the classes instructed in Thai. The classes in Japanese could evoke nervousness and uneasiness, as well as excitement and enthusiasm. In contrast, although their negative activated emotions, such as nervousness and worry, were low, they felt less excited and enthusiastic in classes instructed in Thai. The classes in Thai caused not only calm or relaxed feelings but also tiredness or sleepiness more than the classes in Japanese. Based on these differences in the emotions Japanese language learners experienced, this study discussed effective ways to use a target language and learners’ first language in foreign language learning.

Rika Inagaki, Nagoya University, Japan
Motoyuki Nakaya, Nagoya University, Japan

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Ms Rika Inagaki is a University Doctoral Student at Nagoya University in Japan

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