The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2017

The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2017

Ethics, religion and philosophy are academic disciplines that are at the heart of human existence, and about how we interact with ourselves, and each other. These areas of study deal with the most important questions affecting the human condition and the state of the world around us: how we think, reason, believe, worship and come to terms with what surrounds us. It is for this reason that our conferences are often held alongside events in psychology and the behavioral sciences where subject panels encourage research collaborations across the disciplines, looking at how and why we think, reason, believe, and behave as we do.

The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy is one of the longest established and best attended events organised by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR). ACERP brings together delegates from many different national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds in the Kansai region of Japan to present new research and exchange ideas. This exceptional platform welcomes speakers and delegates for challenging debate and stimulating discussions around the latest concepts and newest approaches. IAFOR conferences are encouraging and nurturing environments where ideas can be shared and tested, where research synergies and collaborations can be formed, and where some of the biggest names in the field have the opportunity to interact with up-and-coming young faculty members.

IAFOR conferences are shaped by leading philosophers and clerics, and are organised in partnership with some of the world’s most reputable institutions, including Birkbeck, University of London (UK), University of Sussex (UK), Waseda University (Japan), Moscow State University (Russia), Barcelona University (Spain) and Virginia Tech (USA), and feature programmes developed by leading academics to ensure both timeliness and academic rigour.

The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (ACERP) is held alongside The Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ACP). These two events are scheduled simultaneously to maximise opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion and interaction. Registration for either conference allows participants to attend sessions in the other.

Previous Speakers

The speakers below, among others, have presented their research at IAFOR's conferences on ethics, religion and philosophy.

Yozo Yokota, renowned human rights lawyer, Director of the Japanese Center for Human Rights and former UN Special Rapporteur to Myanmar; Linda Toyo Obayashi, Senior Mediation Officer at the World Bank; Sir Kenneth Calman, physician, academic, ethicist, and formerly both chairman of the World Health Organization and UK Chief Medical Officer, talks with Stuart D. B. Picken, philosopher, cleric and one of the world’s foremost authorities on Shinto; George Chryssides, religious studies scholar and leading authority on religious cults; Satoru Nishizawa, Clinical Psychologist and Board member of the Japanese Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse, and Japanese governmental adviser; Thomas Brian Mooney, moral, political and ancient philosopher; Yuriko Saito, philosopher and author of “Everyday Aesthetics”; Frank Ravitch, Chair Professor of Law and Religion at Michigan State; Lowell Sheppard, cleric, author and Asia-Pacific Director of the HOPE International Development Agency.

Other IAFOR Conferences in Ethics, Religion & Philosophy

The European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy is held alongside The European Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences in Brighton, UK.

Ways to Get Involved

IAFOR depends on the assistance of a large number of international academics and practitioners who contribute in a variety of ways to our shared mission of promoting international exchange, facilitating intercultural awareness, encouraging interdisciplinary discussion and generating and sharing new knowledge. We are grateful for the time, effort and expertise donated by all our volunteer contributors.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

IAFOR Membership

If you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest additional ways in which you could contribute to IAFOR’s interdisciplinary activities, please feel free to email acerp@iafor.org.