The Relationship Between Visual Hierarchical Representation Prior and Aesthetic Experience (69117)

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Aesthetics is a kind of advanced psychological activity that involves high-level cognitive processing and emotional experience. To understand its essence, one of the premises is to reveal the mechanism of mental representation of artistic works. Previous studies believed that visual processing was the base of aesthetic activities. Recently, it has been found that the visual system represents a visual scene in a hierarchical structure, which provides a new perspective to explore the relationship between visual processing and aesthetic feelings. This research examines the role of the hierarchical characteristics of the mental representation in producing aesthetic feeling of visual images. At the beginning, the subjects were asked to divide the blank rectangle freely to obtain the prior structural parameters. In the other two experiments, the subjects were presented with two groups of pictures generated by prior parameters and the pictures generated by random parameters, and then reported which group looks more beautiful. We found that, no matter simple Mondrian style pictures, or complex sand table scenes and virtual three-dimensional scenes, subjects prefer images that conform to the priori hierarchy. The above findings indicate that visual hierarchy preference has cognitive function basis and provide inspirations for establishing a more perfect aesthetic cognitive model and developing artificial intelligence with automatic design and evaluation capabilities.

Yiming Zhu, Zhejiang University, China
Ning Tang, Zhejiang University, China
Jifan Zhou, Zhejiang University, China
Mowei Shen, Zhejiang University, China

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