Transcending Time and Space: The Social Practice of Weixin Shengjiao in Facing Global Ethical Responsibility (69048)

Session Information: Ethics
Session Chair: David Matas

Cancelled & Moved to Virtual Presentation | Saturday, 1 April 2023 14:05
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 708
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Cancelled & Moved to Virtual Presentation

The purpose of this study is to investigate the attitudes of Weixin Shengjiao in Taiwan toward the issue of global ethical responsibility for social suffering, how Weixin Shengjiao learns the root causes of the current social suffering issues, and how Weixin Shengjiao undertakes the social practice of global ethical responsibility. The findings of the study indicate that Weixin Shengjiao's attitude toward the issue of social suffering stems not only from the imbalance between people and other people, people and objects, and people and nature caused by human factors in the phenomenal world but also from the suffering caused by the influence of the consciousness realm beyond time and space on the phenomenal realm. Weixin Shengjiao is dedicated to the advancement of Chinese cultural orthodoxy, I Ching Feng Shui, and the heart method. "Use I" to identify the cause of present social suffering issues, to further solve current social suffering issues through religious practices and religious education, and to fulfill Weixin Shengjiao's social practice of global ethical responsibilities. The contribution of this study includes Weixin Shengjiao's worldwide social anguish issues, which have covered Knitter's four faces of global suffering. Weixin Shengjiao's social practice encompasses a wide range of global care and has its origins in the resolution of disputes and sufferings dating back thousands of years. Its social practice of global ethical duty transcends various combinations of time and space.

Chen-Mei Li, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Li-Yueh Chen Andy, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan
Kuo-Chin Shih, Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan

About the Presenter(s)
Cancelled & Moved to Virtual Presentation | Dr Chen-Mei Li is Vice-President at Weixin Shengjiao College, Taiwan and a visiting professor at Niigata Sangyo University, Japan.

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