The Significance of Thomas Aquinas’ Christology to the “Death of the Subject” in the Postmodern Era (68971)

Session Information: Religion and Education
Session Chair: Joselito Gutierrez

Monday, 3 April 2023 13:15
Session: Session 3
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Modernism, which was previously expected to carry human civilization towards a bright and utopian future, has failed. Dark experiences in the twentieth century such as the First World War, the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the Cold War have brought pessimism towards the view of scientific and technological progress. Even the worst is the loss of public trust in modern meta-narratives which then causes a loss of direction and hope for the future. This causes the appreciation of life towards reality to be shallow and without a consistent attitude. People are aware of the many difficulties and problems in life they face, but they try to forget and pretend they don't know, so that the conditions they enjoy are based on suffering. The way of life with this paradigm ultimately leads to "death of the subject" where there is no longer any idealism that is held and only flows with the times. Looking back, Thomas Aquinas, who was a major figure in the Middle Ages, offered the concept of Christology within the theological framework of Visio Beatifica. Aquinas realized that this world which has fallen into sin is inseparable from evil and ugliness, but the personal presence and work of Christ has given humanity a hope that this world runs in God's sovereignty so that there is no reason for humans to stop hoping and living life with despair.

Christian Arisandi Kiding Allo, Driyarkara College, Indonesia

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Mr christian arisandi Kiding Allo is a University Postgraduate Student at driyarkara college in Indonesia

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