Family Supports between Elderly Parents and Adult Children in Thailand (68786)

Session Information: Support Systems
Session Chair: Miriam Park

Sunday, 2 April 2023 10:30
Session: Session 1
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The main purpose of the study was to investigate the manifest family solidarity of older persons in Thailand and to analyze the typology of support between elderly parents and their adult children using the Latent Class Analysis (LCA). The data from Wave 2 (2017) of the longitudinal panel household survey on Health, Aging, and Retirement in Thailand (HART) were employed for the cross-section analysis.
Results: Three aspects of solidarity revealed that when parents were advanced in age, the solidarity or the interrelationship with adult children would tend to increase, in terms of co-residence with children, frequency in contact with children, or the role of sole “recipients” of resource assistance from children. The solidarity indicators had higher share with the oldest-old parents compared with the young-old and the mid-old parents.
The analysis of LCA revealed the four types of support between elderly parents and adult children in Thailand, i.e., “Detached” “Sociable” “Tight knit” and “Normative.” Overall, filial gratitude towards parents still existed in the Thai society. But behavior might change from the old pattern of children’s assistance and support both in cash and in kind to parents, to at least in regular contact with parents or to parents exchanged assistance in kind. This changing behavior reflected the adaptation to the changing society, while familial support to older persons tended to become long-term care. To close the gap between generations should be a policy suggestion.

Dararatt Anantanasuwong, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand
Duangpen Theerawanviwat, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Dararatt Anantanasuwong is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at National Institute of Development Administration in Thailand

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