Reason Behind Grandchild Caring and Its Effect on Grandparent’s Social Engagement in Different Household Settings in India: Using a Bayesian (68446)

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The study examined reason behind grandchild caring and its effect on social engagement in different household (HH) setting among older (aged 60 and above) grandparents (GP) living in India using Longitudinal Aging Study in India data, 2017-18. HH structure was defined as the skipped-generation HH (SGH) where GP and grandchild lived together without middle generation and the multi-generation HH (MGH) where more than two generations lived together. Reason was categorized as compulsive (CS) and non-compulsive situation (NCS). Bivariate analysis, probit, Bayesian statistical model (BSM), and 20-IDI were utilised. Results show while only 23.7% GP from MGH reported CS, nearly 44.9% from SGH reported CS. Margins of probit model shows that grandparents who lived in SGH were 0.19 (p<0.001) times more likely to report CS for grandchild caring than those who lived in MGH. Around 8 out of 10 IDI belonged to SGH reported the same. BSM shows that grandparents lived in SGH were 0.81 times (MCSE: 0.01) lower likely to engage in social life than their counterpart. It also shows that the level of social engagement was lower among grandparents reported living in SGH as well as CS. Around 6 out of 10 IDI from SGH reported that they did not participate in any event, program, and social work. The results from bivariate, regression, BSM and IDI significantly show that living in SGH and caring due to CS were negatively associated with social engagement. Familial role in different household settings brings different effect on the grandparent in India. Authors:
Papai Barman, International Institute for Population Sciences, India
Harihar Sahoo, International Institute for Population Sciences, India

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