Factors Associated With Videoconference Fatigue Among Healthcare Workers in a Tertiary Government Hospital (68326)

Session Information: Linguistics/Language & Psychology
Session Chair: Xiao Lei Wang

Sunday, 2 April 2023 15:30
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 708
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OBJECTIVE: Determine the presence of videoconference fatigue (VCF) and factors associated with it.
METHODOLOGY: Approached through an analytic, cross-sectional research design using a non-probability, convenience sampling. A validated, reliable 15-item Zoom Exhaustion and Fatigue (ZEF) tool was distributed online to physicians and nurses in National Children’s Hospital, Philippines The respondent’s demographic and videoconference (VC) profile were obtained as well. Data were analyzed using between-group comparisons approach and univariate binary logistic regression.
RESULTS: Out of the 237 respondents, 189 or 79.75% experienced VCF. Majority experienced fatigue on all constructs with general (85.23%), motivational (79.75%), visual (68.78%), emotional (67.09%) and social (64.98%,) fatigue. Further key findings:
1. VCF is more prevalent in the younger age group (21 to 39 years old) manifesting an overall VCF of 79.89 %.
2. Medical officers (MOs) were 3.10 times more likely to have overall VCF than those who are non-medical officers.
3. More frequent use of VCs increased the likelihood of VCF.
4. VCF was more prevalent in those who are single (63.49%).
5. Negative attitude towards VCs increased the likelihood of developing overall VCF by 4.13 times compared to those with a neutral attitude.
CONCLUSIONS: Findings from this study provided us with new insights into videoconference fatigue (VCF) and its relationship between age, work position, marital status, and negative attitude. RECOMMENDATIONS: Open-ended questions, interviews or small group discussions, and larger sample population size are recommended. Effects of VC fatigue on HCWs’ well-being and how they cope with this fatigue should be further explored.

Alena Superficial, National Children's Hospital, Philippines
Elsie Lynn Locson, National Children's Hospital, Philippines
Jonna Marie Whang, National Children's Hospital, Philippines

About the Presenter(s)
Dr. Alena Superficial is a licensed medical doctor, specializing on Pediatrics, with a college degree in Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development. Her academic interests center on child health care and development.

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