Promoting Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Knowledge About Equitable Small Group Conversations Through Professional Development (68199)

Session Information: Focus on Teachers
Session Chair: Thi-Gam Phan

Sunday, 2 April 2023 15:30
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 704
Presentation Type:Oral Presentation

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Conceptualized as four domains, Instructional Conversations for Equitable Participation (ICEPs) are small group classroom discussions that include everyone in the conversation and integrate all students’ everyday and cultural experiences. Fifteen teachers from four schools in Hawai‘i engaged in professional development (PD) designed to promote use of ICEPs. The teachers met weekly in teams at their schools to learn about and use ICEPs. Although they met monthly with university-based consultants, the teachers set agendas and facilitated the meetings. The purpose of this study was to determine which aspects of the PD most influenced teachers’ knowledge of ICEPs and how their participation in the activities affected their teaching self-efficacy. Analysis of meeting transcripts suggested that ICEP knowledge was influenced by the number of domains covered, practice calibrating the ICEP rubrics and teachers’ applications of the ICEP rubrics to classroom practice. A self-efficacy survey was administered at the beginning and end of the PD. Mixed-effects modeling using the subscale scores indicated that teachers' self-efficacy regarding instructional strategies, classroom management, and student engagement became more homogenous and significantly increased over time. Specific changes were found regarding teachers’ self-efficacy to (a) implement alternative strategies; (b) differentiate instruction for individual students; (c) make clear expectations about student behavior; (d) establish routines to keep activities running smoothly; (e) motivate students with low interest in schoolwork; and (f) "get through" to the most difficult students. The authors are currently analyzing classroom video recordings to determine the quality of ICEPs enacted by teachers in this study.

Lois Yamauchi, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, United States
Seongah Im, University of Hawai‘i, United States
Mary Lennon, University of Hawai‘i, United States
Ateisha Norton, University of Hawai‘i, United States

About the Presenter(s)
Lois A. Yamauchi is a professor in the Dept. of Ed. Psychology, University of Hawaii. Her research focuses on how culture influences learning and the educational experiences of students and teachers from Indigenous and other marginalized backgrounds.

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