Psychiatric Problems in Impaired Vision in Elderly Patient (68099)

Session Information: Vision and Hearing Health
Session Chair: Tai Anh Vu

Saturday, 1 April 2023 10:45
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 707
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Impaired vision in elderly patients does have an extraordinary psychological impact. Losing sight for some patients is frightening and often triggers psychiatric problems. Several cases of visual impairment in practice are associated with the onset of symptoms of severe mental disorders such as depressive disorders and anxiety disorders. We found several cases of visual disturbances such as glaucoma and retinal disorders which often lead to sleep problems, anxiety disorders and depression. A 75 years old male patient with glaucoma and difficulty in sleeping that made him more anxious and a 67 year old female patient with retinopathic diabetic with declining of vision after surgery. Both patients complained about how they were not satisfied with their opthamologist and felt so much regret about the operation. The male patient was treated with Ativan 1mg (lorazepam) since he felt much worry initiating sleeping. It worked for him. He did not stand for the side effects of antidepressant and refused to use it.The female patients had persistent symptoms of anxiety. She was given Escitalopram 5mg and Clobazam 5mg twice a day to relieve the symptoms and it worked for her. Both patients still continued the medications until this report was made. They rejected the psychological intervention and just wanted to do the medication.

Andri Andri, Krida Wacana Christian University, Indonesia

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Andri ANDRI is Psychiatrist at EMC Hospital, Serpong, Indonesia.He is specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine. He has been a faculty member at Department of Psychiatry at Krida Wacana Christian University Faculty of Medicine since September 2008.

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