A Model to Bridge the Gap in the Perception of Self-efficacy Between Graduated Nursing School to the Receiving Hospitals (66528)

Session Information: Industrial Organisation, Leadership, & Training
Session Chair: May Shik

Sunday, 2 April 2023 14:00
Session: Session 2
Room: Room 708
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A three-factor relationship exists between new graduate nurses – the hospitals – the nursing schools. This relationship has three sides that influence and are influenced by each other. The following research paper deals with the question of the gap in self-efficacy for the role of nurse as it is perceived among new nurses and among the administrative and the senior caregiver staff in Israel. The literature review revealed data on various perceptions of efficacy and ability from the eyes of the newly registered nurse themselves, as well as efficacy and abilities as perceived by their employers. During 2021, a study was conducted that included 200 hospital's nurses and 102 management staff. In addition, semi-structured interviews were conducted
among three principals of nursing schools and positions in the Ministry of Health. The findings revealed that the perception of the managing staff about the self-efficacy of the new nurses was significantly greater in all metrics, compared to the perception of self-efficacy of the new nurses as they reported themselves. Also, new nurses with previous employment experience in the health system as students had a higher perception of efficacy and recovered faster in transition between roles. The difficulty faced by most nurses at the time of their registration was the workload. The study's conclusions reinforce the need for a perception program that provides additional training for the new nurse, with an emphasis on the preceptor nurse in order to strengthen the new nurse's sense of self-efficacy and to overcome turnover intentions.

May Shik, Ariel University in Samaria, Israel
Yossi Weiss, Ariel University in Samaria, Israel

About the Presenter(s)
May Shik is an ICU registered nurse in Israel. Her research interests concern corporate responsibility, curriculum development and management. Her research examines the results of the certification program for new nurses in the Israely health system.

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