Life Changes, Identity Loss and Psychological Problems

Life changes may not merely challenge people with transitional life issues, but also with changing identities. Identity issues correlate with various life aspects. Erik Erickson (1902-1994) explained that during normative development the influence of experimentation and exploration in personality and vocational roles became the important aspects in constructing individual identities (Santrock, 2007). Smart (2007) noted how the mind and brain of the individuals materialize into behavior and influence the identities of the individuals. Problems of losing identities start when people experience dramatic life changes such as losing their social relationships (for example losing family members or their loved ones), their jobs or employment, and in general when they lose their sense of self, of self-worth (Alger, 2014). This presentation will discuss on issues of how people may lose their identities due to living conditions and various psychological problems they need to be aware of, besides it will discuss possible solution to deal with such condition.

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