Building Resilience through Self-care: Art and Aesthetic Wellness

Amy Wai Sum Lee of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong, has been announced as a Featured Speaker at The 12th Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (ACERP2022), with her presentation titled “Building Resilience through Self-care: Art and Aesthetic Wellness”.

Presentations are given Featured status when they are decided by the Organising Committee to have wide appeal and are of particular interest to academics within the field of ethics, religion and philosophy.

The 12th Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (ACERP2022) will be held alongside The 12th Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ACP2022).

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Building Resilience through Self-care: Art and Aesthetic Wellness

Into the second year of the pandemic, most educational institutes have made adjustments in order to continue the delivery of courses and programmes. Some regions have resumed a kind of normality and returned to face-to-face interaction for regular classes, and some regions may have adopted a hybrid mode to facilitate better reach to students. No matter what the actual implemented mechanism is, educators over the world have come to realise that rethinking “education” is necessary, in terms of the mode of delivery, as well as the value and kind of education we are offering to students. Besides reflecting on the mode and nature of education, another consensus among educators is the need to enhance students’ resilience, both in formal education and informal curriculum. This presentation is a proposal on building resilience of university students through co-curricular activities, focusing on self-care. Young people in the higher education sector are going through the threshold of adulthood, and this period is already full of challenges about personal identity and value. The pandemic is only a reminder to us of the importance of this core component for university students in their education. The proposal here is to use art as an indirect and informal learning experience to guide students to better self-care.

Speaker Profile

Amy Wai Sum Lee
Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong

Amy Wai Sum Lee
Amy Lee has a background in comparative literary studies and Buddhist studies, and has published in a range of topics including feminine autobiographies, witchcraft and witchery, experiences of solitude, teenage literature of magic, marginalized experiences by female writers, and popular film and fiction. She has also written about the importance of co-curricular activities in higher education and how they play a role in creating whole person education for young people. In her teaching, she has experimented with approaches of caring pedagogy, and used literary and cultural texts to facilitate emotional wellness on top of subject knowledge. Recent research projects include using Playback Theatre to cultivate self-understanding, self-care, and building connections among diverse groups of participants. She has been an associate professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University. She is now Dean and Professor of School of Education and Languages at Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

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